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Laboratory Equipment

Gas Chromatograph with ECD & FID Detectors
Model: Agilent GC 7890B
For the analysis of  GHGs (CH4 and N2O)

Gas Chromatograph with FPD Detector
Model: Agilent GC 7890B
For the analysis of DMS and volatile sulphur compounds

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (UHPLC)
Model: Shimadzu Nexera
For the qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic compounds


Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
Model: Shimadzu TOC-VCPH
For the analysis of total and dissolved organic carbon in water samples

UIC Coulometer
Model No: CM5015
For the analysis of dissolved inorganic carbon

CHNS Analyzer
Model No: Thermo Flash EA1112
For the estimation of elemental composition of Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Sulphur in sediments and suspended particulate matter

Model No: Shimadzu UV-1800
For analysis of nutrients and biochemical parameters

Model No: Hitachi F-2700
For analysis of chlorophyll pigments and petroleum hydrocarbons

Particle Size Analyser
Model No: Malvern Mastersizer 2000
For accurate particle size analysis of soil and sediment samples

Alpha Liner Laminar Flow Cabinet
Laminar air flow cabinet provides contamination free zone for microbial and algal culture works

Stereo microscope
Model No: RSMr-Series
Stereo zoom microscope is used for the observation and analysis of  biological samples.

Sieve Shaker
Model No:  Retsch AS 200
For sediment texture analysis

Model No: SEAL  AA3
For determination of NO2-N, NO3-N, NH4-N, Urea, PO4, SiO4

Gel Imager
Model No: Syngene G:BOX Chemi XRQ
For imaging and documentation of nucleic acids and proteins

Rotary microtome
Model No: Thermo Scientific HM325
Tissue paraffin sectioning

Microplate Reader
Model No: BioTek Syngergy H1
For micro-volume analysis of nucleic acid and protein

Upright microscope
Model No: Nikon ECLIPSE Ni-U
Microscopic observations, Imaging and measurements of cells, living cells or samples that are squeezed between a slide and coverslip

Model No: Thermo Scientific Biofuge stratos
Cold centrifugation for Isolation and separation of biomoeclues

Fluorescence spectrophotometer  
Model No: Hitachi F-2700
Analyzes fluorescence activity from a sample

Field Equipment

Trimble® R10 GNSS RTK System
RTK is useful for land/beach survey. It provides accurate Position, elevation, velocity, acceleration and orientation 

Wave Rider Buoy
For measurement of wave height and wave direction

CTD Profiler
For measurement of conductivity, temperature & Pressure data along with salinity & sound velocity

Valeport Waves & Tide Recorders
For measurement of tide levels, directional wave spectrum, orbital velocities

RADAR Tide Guages
For measurement of water levels, discharge and  precipitation

Aanderra Current Meters
For measurement of temperature, conductivity, pressure, turbidity & Oxygen

Nortek Current Meters
For measurement of temperature, conductivity, pressure, turbidity & Oxygen

Sontek, ADP, RDI ADCP, Sontek ADV Profilers
For measurement of water level, water spectra, turbulence and orbital velocities

Single Beam Echo Sounders
For measurement of bathymetry survey data