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Risk Assessment - Achievements

  • Developed seawater quality criteria for SW-III (Industrial cooling, Recreation – non-contact and Aesthetics – dissolved manganese) and SW-V (Navigation and Controlled Waste Disposal) for 7 heavy metals (Cu, Hg, Cd, Pb, Zn, As, Cr) and pesticide (Monochrotophos).
  • Draft gazette notification has been issued by MoEF&CC based on the reports submitted by NCCR.

Prescribing numerical Sea Water Quality Criteria (SWQC) for priority toxic chemicals in the form of Standards as ‘Safe limits’ for protection, survival, and perpetuation of marine life for the benefit of all.


Implementation of MEERA- Programme is to ensure a regulatory action for control and abatement of toxic and hazardous chemicals into the coastal and marine environment for best use classes of seawater.

Ecological risk assessment is an scientific strategy for developing environmentally reliable quality standards for the sustainable management of coastal and marine environment .

Comprehensive risk assessment is to identify environmental risk from trace and emerging toxic chemicals for deriving environmental quality indices and standards through an integrated approach.