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Coastal waters are sensitive marine systems to environmental pollution. The increase in population leading to the rise in industrialization and urbanization in the last century has expedited the rate of coastal water pollution, leading to increased stress on the ecosystems. Since human populations are unevenly distributed around the globe with higher densities, leading to more pressure on the ecosystem and local resources. The areas within 100 km of the coastline are among the densely populated areas around the globe, and India's coastline has no exception. In order to conduct sound coastal and ocean management and help to set up appropriate environmental policies and decisions. The fundamental activities such as coastal water quality monitoring, real-time data generation and prediction are to be performed. Hence, the following framework is being undertaken:

  • Monitoring coastal water, sediment and microbiological parameters at monthly intervals.
  • Event-based studies on algal blooms, coastal foaming, oil spill, mass fish kill, effects of flooding and heavy rainfall on water quality.
  • Installation of sensor based buoy for the coastal water quality monitoring
  • High resolution eco-hydrodynamic water quality model for Chennai, Puducherry coast.
  • Water quality forecast for Chennai and Puducherry coastal waters.
  • Provide forecast of SST, salinity, DO, BOD and E.coli for Chennai coast.
  • Development of Mobile App “Clean coast” for a coastal WQ information system for stakeholders and the public.
  • A web-based Information service system for water quality and beach ratings.


Schematic picture of PWQ Program activities

Schematic picture of PWQ Program activities

  • Real time water quality data for Chennai and Puducherry coast can be accessed here.
  • Three days forecast pollution indicating water quality parameters for major beaches at Chennai and Puducherry coast. 
  • Status of current scenario and quantification of pollution level around Chennai, Puducherry and Puri coast.
  • Data on marine litter and microplastics for development of marine litter policy for the country and regional seas.
  • Dissemination of information to the stake holders for proper usage of the  beaches, sustainable utilization and management of resources.

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S.No Name Designation Specialization E-mail
1 Dr. Pravakar Mishra Scientist- G coastal processes and shoreline management studies is coordinating the Prediction of coastal water quality, Marine Litters and Microplastics mishra[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in

Dr. Rabindra Kumar Sahoo

Scientist- D

Observation & analysis of oceanographic data, Coastal hydrodynamics, sediment transport, Physical Oceanography


3 Mr. P. Senthil Kumar  Project Scientist-III Ocean Observation  psenthila[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
4 Dr. D. Bandyopadhyay Project Scientist-II Phytoplankton physiology, Phytoplankton pigment chemistry debasmita[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
5 Dr. B. Charan Kumar Project Scientist-II Marine plankton ecology, Ecosystem processes charan[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
6 Dr. Umakanta Pradhan Project Scientist-II Physical Oceanography, Coastal processes and Numerical modeling umakanta[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
7 Dr. Subhasis Pradhan Project Scientist-II Physical Oceanography subhasis[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in
8 Ms. AthanVashi Project Scientist-I Marine Biology, Phytoplankton pigment avashi[at]nccr[dot]gov[dot]in

Field Data Collection