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Marine Litter & Micro Plastics

Marine Litter

  • A Baseline data on microplastics pollution was generated for the east coast of India.
  • A Standard Operating Procedure was drafted for the field sampling and laboratory analysis of marine litter and micro-plastics. 
  • A country report on Marine litter in the South Asian Seas (SAS) region is prepared for development of regional action plan on marine Litter in association with SACEP, UNEP.
  • Beach clean-up and awareness programmes have been conducted at ~75 beaches along the Indian coast, since 2018.
  • A mobile app and dashboard were created for the beach litter - field data collection through a citizen science approach.
ML & MP pollution is a complex environmental problem that requires a multidisciplinary approach for its management. It is not a local or regional issue, but a trans-boundary problem that needs a common, standardized method to fill knowledge gaps and develop mitigation strategies. NCCR is working with Cefas - UK, CSIRO – Australia, JAMSTEC – Japan and Norway towards the mitigation of marine plastic debris.